Positive Inner Dialogue

We process our thoughts at such a rapid speed that it would only make sense for us to purposefully become aware of how we “speak to ourselves”. THIS is where we program our thinking and reasoning processes to either be positive or negative. Yes, this is constantly happening.

Take for example, (and you may see yourself here, I certainly do) through your childhood, were you accustomed to hearing criticism or at least a negative reaction to seemingly everything you did? Keep in mind, also, that we communicate much like our parents communicated with us. Was it a judgmental environment? Was perfection a goal? In learning as a child were you encouraged to try even though you may fail? Were you eager to learn because if you weren’t perfect, at least it was making progress? Was your parent a gentle, calm, encourager or a reactive, seemingly angry, impatient task master? As children we develop our sense of self and our self confidence from the positive or negative communication styles our parents use. After that influence, it’s our friends, classmates, teachers, and acquaintances. If you can look back upon your environment while you were growing up and say, “Most of the influencers in my life were positive sorts.” then you probably have a good sense of self and are confident in your challenges. Failing is not the “end of the world”. Failing is an opportunity to learn. I heard it said once,” If you’re not failing then you’re not trying.”

Regardless of your dialogue input by your childhood environment you can reprogram your tendency to be negative if that is an issue with you. If we practice a more positive inner dialogue, then we can change how we view challenges of this life.

I’d like to hear from you about this. Write me an email (mudtoporcelain@yahoo.com) and tell me your thoughts about improving our positive inner dialogue and whether or not you see a correlation between your dialogue input while children and how you handle inner dialogue now. You might even want to share on FB at my mud2porcelain page. Sharing is caring.

Published by mud2porcelain

I am a Christian writer, aspiring to inspire, uplift, encourage and help those who are overwhelmed, overworked, over needed, or just at a difficult time in life. Being 64, married, divorced, now married to my high school sweetheart, having had 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and now 3 great grandchildren surely qualifies me to be able to discuss the difficulties of life even with a family without any bumps in the road. Just so you know, there've been plenty of bumps in the road. I've been down the wrong road, a muddy, deep rutted road, a dusty loooong road, and one that I've asked for plenty of guidance from those who felt they were qualified to help me. I'm a registered nurse with varied experiences including 15 years in hospice nursing, and still do some consulting and before that 30 yr + career many jobs to make ends meet. I'm also a sister, and a daughter to my deceased parents. My mother in law, who lives with us has "adopted" me as her daughter. Soon I will be embarking on an adventure of volunteering for hospice as well. While never wanting to do psychiatric nursing out of fear of the unknown, I found myself navigating my own lifelong depression and anxiety. My children also have varied experience with mental illness (a subject we all need to discuss openly). I have high hopes that this site can help and encourage you during your journeys as well.

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