What’s your struggle today?

Whether your struggle is big or small, earth shattering or just irritating, it’s your struggle. It’s not any less meaningful to you than any other life event. A struggle is a struggle. What might be enormous for one might not be so much for another. Trust your own intuition, your own feelings about what you’re going through. It’s truly your own, so own it. Face it. Stare it down. If you need help doing that because you feel broken, weak, spent, overwhelmed or just lost, there’s hope. A myriad of people have felt the very same way you’ve felt and they managed to navigate those troubled waters, whether they “laid in the bottom of the boat, sick” or “paddled for all they were worth”. I don’t know about you but I’ve held up in the bathroom plenty of times bawling my eyes out and wondering if I’d ever make it. Even as a Christian woman I’ve had my low times where I questioned,” What ever in the world will I do now?”Being a Christian doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have no challenges. It’s not a slow boat on a calm sea where we can laze about while someone else steers the ship. For whatever reason, I really believe that God picked you and me to face this one particular battle because He knew who He was choosing. He knew we’d need help and we’d seek it and he knew that sometimes we’d make wrong choices. It’s a learning experience. It’s an experience that applies the unbelievably high heat of the kiln to the unperfected and unfinished terra cotta clay. Even the terra cotta clay sits molded and shaped taking on the scorching heat to only come out beautiful, refined, hardened, glazed, and useful. Do you suppose that the struggles we endure only make us even more knowledgable about our type of struggle so that we might help others to endure them? At the time it sure doesn’t seem so, but afterwards a clarity results as the fog of our own thinking rolls away. We can seek God’s advice through the Bible, we can pray, we can carefully choose a knowledgable professional to also help us relearn a coping technique, we can go to a support group, we can pick up the phone and call a minister. Notice the word “carefully”. Tomorrow we’ll examine what that might mean….. until then….. keep sending your prayer heavenward. He always hears!

Published by mud2porcelain

I am a Christian writer, aspiring to inspire, uplift, encourage and help those who are overwhelmed, overworked, over needed, or just at a difficult time in life. Being 64, married, divorced, now married to my high school sweetheart, having had 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and now 3 great grandchildren surely qualifies me to be able to discuss the difficulties of life even with a family without any bumps in the road. Just so you know, there've been plenty of bumps in the road. I've been down the wrong road, a muddy, deep rutted road, a dusty loooong road, and one that I've asked for plenty of guidance from those who felt they were qualified to help me. I'm a registered nurse with varied experiences including 15 years in hospice nursing, and still do some consulting and before that 30 yr + career many jobs to make ends meet. I'm also a sister, and a daughter to my deceased parents. My mother in law, who lives with us has "adopted" me as her daughter. Soon I will be embarking on an adventure of volunteering for hospice as well. While never wanting to do psychiatric nursing out of fear of the unknown, I found myself navigating my own lifelong depression and anxiety. My children also have varied experience with mental illness (a subject we all need to discuss openly). I have high hopes that this site can help and encourage you during your journeys as well.

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